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Our Story

Somaek pays homage to the cuisine Bissonnette fell in love with while cooking with his mother-in-law, Soon Han—so much so that she is officially titled as the restaurant’s consulting chef. The menu, written in both Korean and English, celebrates traditional dishes and a robust banchan menu that includes, but is not limited to, four different kimchi, seasoned cucumbers, and stewed potato. Not to be missed is Cartin’s convivial cocktail menu, featuring flavor-forward, low-ABV libations, and, of course, the eponymous Somaek, a popular Korean drink made with soju and maekju (beer). Hospitality is at the core of this concept and the sister venues next door by BCB3.

"These establishments represent who the partners are as individuals and as a collective, and to bring them to life in an area of Boston that already means so much to us is really special.” - Babak Bina

Our Team